Agapi Guesthouse is located in the old town of Ayvalik.

It is named after Agapi Moliviadis who lived in Ayvalik before the population exchange of 1923 and wrote a novel about her last ten days in Ayvalik. Agapi means love in the Greek language and it is also a women name. It inspired me and so we choose it for the name of our house.

We are located in a quiet neighborhood. You will see a lot of old houses in the neo-classical style, which were built during the period when Ayvalık had a Greek Autonomy.

The restoration is just recently finished. We tried to keep as much as we could from the past.

The Agapi Guesthouse has got 4 rooms for 12 guests. All rooms have got private shower/WC and air-conditioning.  Please see the photos.

The breakfast will be served in the garden. If you are looking for some peaceful days in an old Greek house surrounded by historical houses, we are awaiting you to the Agapi Guesthouse.


Çiğdem Celasin

Agapi Konukevi

Agapi Konukevi

Çiğdem Celasin
Sakarya Mahallesi
2. Fethiye no 68
10400 Ayvalık / Turkey
Tel 0538 328 29 82



Agapi Guesthouse

Tel.: 0090 538 328 29 82

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